💧 Water Bead Sensory Play 💦 💧 Water Beads 💦 Super cool sensory play. 

🌈 I enjoyed this one very much! It only takes a little! 💜 We added cups, measuring cups and of course her frozen princess doll. 🌈 I will warn these are slippery little booger. The feel almost slimy 🙈 Also after about 8 hours of play they start to burst and disenterate. 💜Definitely a adult interaction must! They are swallow able but non toxic. Definitely could be choking hazard. I would not walk away from this one. Lol 

🌈 SENSORY4U Original Dew Drops Water Beads - Soothing Colors - A Calming Sensory Experience - 5 Colors Red Purple Dark Green Light Green and Blue Amazon order and Amazon choice! $8 bucks for like a million!!! I'll be adding them in to sensory orders ☺️💧💦🌈 Touch, smell, sight, listening (all the water swooching 🥰 put some white noise on in back) No Taste. No mouth action 🤣✌️🥰 #littlebirdsensoryadventures #sensoryplay #sensory #montessori #sensoryclass #sensoryactivity #toddler #learning #learningthroughplay #indoorplay #childhood #imagination #waterbeads