Dye Sand at Home

Dye Play Sand at Home 

💦🌈🏖How to dye Play Sand at Home 🏖🌈💦


💦Sand - $5 for a 50 pound bag (home depot/Lowe's) or beaches (just make sure clean) 

🌈Safe Food Coloring - $1 dollar store for pack, $3 for Neon gel at Walmart, Target, Amazon! Great investment! We use for ALL dying 🙈Safe for Little non-toxic

💦Gallon Bag - we LOVE ikea ($2-3 for 30 6L/4.5L) but any bag you can seal honestly

🌈Water - we got a spray bottle at dollar store! Can use recycled dish soap container, honestly pour it in! 

💦Baking Soda or Baking Powder - just add a softness and helps spread color, water & sand easier! 

🐛Add ALL ingredients and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE 

🌺Let dry out in the sun! Can put in bin OR flatten bag out with cracked open (so moisture doesn't hold) 

Remember use you imagination! Have fun & make an interacting activity! Littles LOVE helping! 

We will share some Sensory play activities with Sand to boards on Pinterest & here later! 

Be Safe & Be Well 💦🌿🌻


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